Sammendrag av 2013

8. january 2014 at 22:52
So, in 2013 I...:

started new life
got my A-levels (maturita-exam)
ended relationship with Mr. K.
went to Ireland and saw amazing things
moved with some guys to a flat in centre...
...and after 5 months moved back to my own flat
got a lovely cat
didn't get to university
had the most beautiful summer of my life
went to 1-year-language-school + course of Norwegian language
found out I'm inapplicable for normal life... and I didn't really care
found a person which I thought would save me...
...just to find out (after a year) that it is her who needs to be saved - and I couldn't do that
started to drink and smoke and party way too much and got wasted almost every day
had very strange and unhappy end of year + same biter start of a new year

So in 2014 I vowed to myself to become a better person (= not so naive), with no illusions about love or relationships. All I want now is to get to the university, graduate, and then live my arty life like my idols did. I want to write, paint, travel, live, be happy (and enjoy plenty of unbound sex). (Just kidding.)

Just wish me luck.

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1 Confidentia Confidentia | Web | 9. january 2014 at 15:42 | React

Oprášila jsem si anglinu, díky.
A jinak, hodně věcí, hodně činů.

2 Memorin Memorin | 11. january 2014 at 20:54 | React

Myslím, že žádný zdravý vztah by neměl být postavený na tom, že někdo potřebuje být zachráněn. Musíme nejprve zachránit sami sebe, mít rádi sami sebe, abychom mohli míti rádi druhé.
Ráda bych viděla nějakou Tvou kresbu. :) A jaké máš idoly? :D

3 Korča Korča | Web | 15. january 2014 at 15:14 | React

no jo, luštím jak luštím a jen málo toho vyluštím.. (moje jazyková dovednost :D ) kdy jsme začaly žít takhle? to by mě taky zajímalo, možná ve chvíli, kdy jsme zjistily, že zas tak naivní nejsme, abychom žily jinak :D

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