Jeg elsker livet mitt

22. october 2013 at 23:14
Really, guys, where is the time-machine when you need it? I want to rewind and have Sunday forever - or better - I want go forward to Christmas and then to February and it's going to be like "happily-ever-after" life. So, ehm, yea...
It just fell like everything is okay when I am with her. And when I think of her it makes me so happy that it's almost incredible. We're doing really crazy things for each other, and we're not afraid of these "normal" things like living together, or coexistence anymore. It's strange, but it seems like she's really the person I can be with without fear. And I really hope I'm the same kind of person for her.

Mum: "Where were you all day?"
me: "I went to a little trip..."
Mum: "To where?"
me. "Well, to Ostrava...again, ehm."
Mum: "What, again? You want to go there every fucking weekend or what?"
me: "Well, no - every other week, maybe."
Dad: "Hey, wouldn't be easier if that guy could move to your place?"
me: "Weeeell..."
Dad: "Oh. I knew this would happen."
Mum. "What?"
Dad + me: "Nooothing."
[ monday true-story ]

Okay, now something different than my lovey-dovey sighs. Today was my first class of Norwegian language and...well. Well... I would really like to say it wasn't so bad but I am really, really horrible with correct pronunciation. On the other hand, my vocabulary is not so bad and I could understand almost everything when we read some article about Oslo, but I just don't know how to answer the questions, or how to translate some sentences correctly.
Yea, I'm 10 lessons behind others, but who cares? I'm in intermediate-level class right now, and I have to catch up soon, or it will be death-end.
But my lector said that Norwegian is much easier than for example Finnish, so I hope I'll be able to handle it.

But still, I have a felling everything is so great right now it couldn't be better - only with her by my side.

Takk til deg, jeg elsker livet mitt.

med kjærlighet, kanel Raven

[sorry, too busy with norwegian vocabulary to translate this little piece of cake ;) ]

med kjærlighet, kanel Raven

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1 Tvíďátko Tvíďátko | Web | 23. october 2013 at 11:21 | React

Občas jsem hrozně pomalá, než mi něco dojde. Who cares. Hm... a deset lekcí, to snad doženeš, v prvních lekcích se většinou patlá pořád v základech ne? A jestli ne tak i tak :D Mám dneska nějakou optimistickou náladu, takže jsem trochu retard :D

2 Eleanor Eleanor | Web | 23. october 2013 at 14:45 | React

Kyllä min rakas, olet henkilö samanlaista minulle.
That guy. Ehm, your dad will be surprised. :D
Much easier than Finnish. Ofcourse... Jen mě přijde finština lehčí než francouzština (až na ty pády a vnímání místa, haha /ne, tohle už jsem přeložit nezvládla :D/). -_-

3 James James | Web | 27. october 2013 at 18:52 | React

Go forward to February? Yuck. Loads of shitty snow and freezing weather.
Your mum seems like an asshole.
Anyways.. keep up.

4 Sylvana Raven Sylvana Raven | Web | 28. october 2013 at 0:09 | React

[3]: I don't mind, I like winter -  autumn is better though but winter is also fine. (And I'm really looking forward to snow!)
My mum is quite strange... I don't wanna say she's nothing but an asshole, though she sometimes really IS, but there are also better days.

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