September 2013

Jeg liker ikke skolen min

28. september 2013 at 23:53
My dreams are full of fire, blood and running-away from something (killer, most of the time). Why do I dream about such horrible things? Why do I always have to run away from killer? Why do I always have something to do with paranormal activities, or reincarnation from my past lives? The strangest thing is, there is no pain in those dreams. Normally I would wake up in pain, gasping for air, without slightest idea what is reality and what is just a dream. But it's nothing like that now and I don't understand it. I don't understand it at all.
But beside that, my life is fine.

My school neighbour spoke to me few days ago for the first time. She asked me about the name.
Another day, different situation:
"Look, look - she has another book!"
Well, yeah.
I'm reading another book during the break, because I don't want to talk to you, or anybody else except the teacher. I'm the one who speaks the most during the class - ha, guess why? Yes, all of you are dumb - and that's enough talking for me.
"What? You have FCE?!" -the moment everyone is looking at me with disgust in their eyes - "What the fuck are you doing here?! Get lost!"
I am here because I wasn't accepted to university. Dot. Now shut the fuck up, blonde.
There is no way I could really talk to these people. What a pity.

Oh, but I'm fine outside the school.
I went to "Back to school" open air music festival few days ago. It was amazing. I get my first photo with M. and I held a scorpion and tarantula for few seconds (and now I want a creepy pet animal). The spider was so fluffy!
Also, we had a birthday-party at cafe Troj3ka yesterday. Carroline turned 20 last week. Now she is the oldest one of the Bad Friend Trio group. And I am second in the line.
I told Carroline a secret, and she smiled at me and said: "Oh, maybe you're in love?"
And I blushed and shrugged my shoulders: "Maybe..."

I have a volunteer job at "Health and Wellbeing festival" tomorrow. I was looking for that all summer, but now I don't really want to go. I am lazy and just the notion that we have to start at 7:30 A.M. makes me sick. But well, it's for right thing. Someone needs to inform our healthy-living-citizens what-where-and-when is happening at the festival, and that someone is me. Well, why not...

And for you, who are waiting for the English story, carry on for a bit longer. There will be the story till the end of week, I promise. :)
And don't worry, min kjærlighet, there will be another episode of "Svart te og kanel kaffe" - it's not over yet. ;)

med kjærlighet, kanel Raven

Oh mitt blod

22. september 2013 at 3:29

Did you guys know how much I hate my haematologist?
I hate that bitch even more right now.
Basically, she is thinking I am ill somehow, so now I have to go through ALL the shits she came up with - I have to visit my general practitioner, go to ORL, to abdominalultrasound, to my dentist and gynecologist, and I have to make it all till the 18th October, because that's a term when I have next blood test, and that bitch want to have all the results. And the reason why I have to go through all this shits? My CBC was a little bit worse than last time. Well of course my hemoglobin is a bit lower - I had my period a week ago! Yet I must admit that I do not know why I'm so much increased white blood cells... but that doesn't mean I'm dying!
I mean, come on: I am living with my shitty blood for eight years now. My mum does as well. And my sister does, too, and her case is much more complicated than mine.
And yet we are still alive. Anemia isn't fatal disease.
Actually this is just an explanation of what comes next. I was really upset that I lost my entire day in the hospital waiting room, so I made up a story to make me feel better. I don't have much of it at the moment, but I'm gonna write what I have, and if you guys will like it, I'll write some more.
So wait and see. ;)

med kjærlighet, kanel Raven

P.S.: I almost forgot - the story will be in English only. But don't worry, it won't be difficult. I can't write so well to make it hard-to-understand.

Meg og min katt

17. september 2013 at 22:49

If you happen to live in Brno, you have to travel with night-bus here and there. So if you did travel with a night-bus #92 leading to the Halas square last night, you may have seen a drenched girl with messy hair, talking softly to her drenched cat in a carrier box. Yeah, that was me.
I definitely moved out of the flat in centum yesterday. All day long I was running across the city, with full rucksack on my back and full bags in both hands, carrying all my stuff from spot A to spot B. Last three boxes were transported by car. Then I handed in my keys, said good bye, and left. My cat should remain in flat till the next afternoon. It was supposed to be cool, and so I went on a date with Tess that night. It was supposed to be nice evening with glass of wine and fine talk... - but hey, this all is about me, so who am I kidding? How could it possibly go the way it was planned?
So my perfect evening was about to start.
There were four calls from Kingfisher. He told me my cat is sick. He told me once, he told me twice, and for third time I was really, really upset. I lay beside Tess, almost dead with fear. She tried to calm me down, her fingertips running through my hair and over my cheek. It was nice, but all the time I saw different fingertips in my mind...
When my cell phone rang for forth time, I've have enough. I had to go.
Tess wasn't angry, just a little disappointed I couldn't stay longer, but she understood my reasons. She kissed me goodbye and I ran to tram station.
From then it went something like this: I call my dad - dad's talk to his friend, trying to find out some information about veterinary down the street - I call Kingfisher - and finally! - I was with my kitty again.
Allonsy looked terrible. I called my dad again, almost hysterical about my nearly dead cat, praying for some advice, and - and all he said to me was: "Leave it - she'll survive or die." I think I was insane at that moment.
So I did the only thing I could do at the moment - I took a cat bowl, cat food, the carrier box, put the cat in the carrier box and leave the flat.
I figured out two things.
First one: it's really not good idea to drag a sick cat in heavy rain across the city at night.
Second one: when you need to leave the cat, tell her. Or leave her with someone who loves (or just knows how to treat) cats. Just do it. If you do, you will not have to run across the city in the middle of the night, drenched, with drenched and overwrought cat.

So this would be today's adventure.

med kjærlighet, kanel Raven

P.S.: Allonsy were completely fine in the morning. She was running across the flat all forenoon, giving our old cat a hard time, and in the afternoon M. took that little devil to her home. And guess what? She is completely fine with it! (I mean Allonsy. Well, M. as well... I hope)

La oss starte på nytt

14. september 2013 at 2:22
Moments. My life is nothing but series of moments. And this is one of them. This point, right here and now, is definitely a moment. Let's name it "new start".
So "let's start over again", shall we? ["la oss starte på nytt"]

New address for my blog.
New place for my life.

This is it. In every point of view this is my new start.

I've moved, as in the world of internet, as in reality.
I think it wasn't bad idea after all - and I mean moving in reality, because moving in internet reality was more than necessary for me. Writing blog is just like breathing for me - I simply need it to survive.
So I won't stop tapping my so-dramatic-life-story to the internet. And you can still read it (or not).

So, yeah, I am back.
[are you happy?]

med kjærlighet, kanel Raven